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Florence SRO’s go “Force on Force” during summer training

FLORENCE, Ala. – The need for school resource officers in many of the valley’s schools has been in the news a lot over the last several months. Wednesday morning in Florence, WHNT News 19 got the rare opportunity to witness how SRO’s train over the summer to protect our kids and teachers.

“We are going to switch it up on the inside,” explained Curt Carpenter with Lighthorse Tactical to the trainees in attendance.

School resource officers spend weeks during the summer in training.

In Florence, a partnership between the school system and police department puts a school resource officer on all 7 school campuses.

“We do get ALERT training every year, but we wanted to go a step above that to get some tactical experience, real-world experience of what we may face,” stated Sgt. Dennis Patterson with Florence Police Department.

It’s a mindset any officer has to get comfortable with. Split second decisions have to be made when our loved ones are in desperate need. It’s not something anyone wants to think about, but they have to be prepared.

“We never want to say we are not going to respond, and that is why we put our SRO’s through this training to make sure that they will act and act appropriately. If they have to neutralize a threat, so be it,” said Patterson.

Lessons learned; hopefully before an incident happens in a classroom or hallway.

The Florence Board of Education helped fund the force on force training this week for the Florence Police Department SRO’s.