Alabama soldier meets his son for the first time after serving in the Middle East

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- More of the 115th Expeditionary Signal Battalion returned home Wednesday. The soldiers were welcomed by their loved ones at Huntsville International Airport.

The men and women of the battalion spent almost 11 months throughout 10 different countries in the Middle East.

Bryson Farris served almost a year in Qatar and Kuwait. His son, Ryker, was born four days after he left to serve,

"Missing him has been one thing, but this little guy kind of makes it a little bit sadder, knowing that he's not seen him," said Bryson's stepmother, Sheri Farris.

Ryker met his dad for the first time at the welcome home ceremony.

"It's been emotional, just knowing he hasn't been here to hold him and take care of him and see him," said Sheri.

Bryson has spoken to his son on the phone and via Facetime, but he said he was worried his son wouldn't recognize him in person.

"Overwhelming honestly. Nervous," Bryson said. "At first I didn't know how he'd act when he first saw me."

Bryson said he will soak in every moment with his son now that he's finally back home.