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FBI Urges Small Businesses to Reboot Routers Immediately!

Better Business Bureau is recommending small businesses to reboot their routers after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent out a public service announcement concerning a recent cybersecurity threat last Friday, May 25th.

According to the FBI, cyber scammers have been targeting small home and office routers worldwide using VPNFilter malware, a new IoT threat that unlike other kinds of malware, can’t be erased from a simple reboot. This malware targets routers produced by several manufacturers.

VPNFilter malware is being used by attackers to collect information, block and spy on network traffic, and even completely destroy the device. The malware works in three stages: install, collect files, and spy on traffic. As of now, the initial infection vector for the VPNFilter malware is unknown.

In case your device has already been infected with the VPNFilter malware, the FBI recommends any owner of a small office or home office router to reboot their device now to temporarily disrupt the malware. This will remove stage two and stage three elements on their device but will not protect them from being reinstalled again by attackers.

To protect your devices from future attacks, it is advised to update devices with the latest available versions of firmware and to consider revising the remote management settings on devices with stronger passwords and encryption.

For more information about this new threat to small businesses, go to the New York Time F.B.I.’s Urgent Request: Reboot Your Router to Stop Russia-Linked Malware view the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s official public service announcement at www.ic3.gov/media/2018/180525.aspx.

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Source: BBB.org

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