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Overturned camper trailer stalls I-65 southbound traffic in Limestone County

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. — Thousands of people were stuck in traffic when I-65 near Ardmore was closed on Saturday.

No sooner had many drivers crossed the state line near Ardmore, they slowed to a crawl, then a stop.


“It’s almost impossible. We’ve been at a standstill for a good half hour,” Denise Thomas said. Thomas was driving with her grandson to Black.

“There’s nothing we can do, so we’re just hanging out waiting,” Nicki Soper said.

The hold up — putting a damper in the plans of many.

“Just coming home from work and got caught up in this,” Adam King said. “I wish I would’ve known earlier.”

“We’re going down to Florida for vacation and so we just got on the road and traffic just slowed up and we didn’t know why,” Soper said.

The not-so-happy campers, stuck waiting, due to a camper in much worse shape just a couple miles down the road.

“I just hope everybody’s OK,” Thomas said.

Authorities say a couple from Ohio was pulling their camper when it lost control and flipped near the Alabama Welcome Center in Ardmore.

“Once you get past that rest area you’re stuck,” Jeremy Wetenkamp said.


It’s unclear what caused the camper to overturn. Authorities say thankfully, the couple wasn’t hurt. The snag became getting the RV out of the way. Once a few tow trucks had it loaded, they pulled it to the next exit, which gave drivers some relief. Moving once again before the sun went down.


The Alabama Department of Transportation says a camper trailer had overturned on I-65 near the Alabama Welcome Center in Ardmore.  Two wreckers partnered together and hauled the trailer in one piece.

Alabama State Troopers report the trailer belonged to a couple from Ohio. They were not injured.

Traffic is back open. It took until around 4:30 p.m. to clear the debris.