Madison County veteran’s service dog mysteriously dies

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - A man living in Harvest says his service dog died last month. And he says the people he trusted to watch the dog are responsible.
Jevon Turner says he had to pay thousands to get a new dog.

For most problems in life, Turner has always had the good book. But for the past five years, Turner, who's a disabled veteran, has had his faithful companion.

"Zidane would always know before we knew," Turner's friend Myra Whitfield said.

"He can detect that through the way I'm feeling just because he bonded with me," Turner said.

Turner is prone to seizures and says he depends on a service dog to see him through the bad spells. But last month, Turner says he joined his wife on a three-day business trip.

"He told me it might be a good idea if we didn't bring Zidane," Turner said.

So, Turner says he made other arrangements, dropping off the dog on May 16th and picking him up on the 19th.

"He didn't eat anything or drink anything for three days, but they didn't notify me," Turner said.

Turner says less than a day after taking his dog home, Zidane was dead. Rather than taking him to a vet, Turner says he buried him.

"I just couldn't see him laying there in that blood, seeing him there in the state that he was in," Turner said.

We called Canine Oasis for this story to try and get their version of what happened. The person on the phone says Zidane was never boarded there, it was a friend who watched him. That person declined to appear on camera, but says since a necropsy was never done, there's no way to know for certain what killed Turner's dog.

"It's not just about the paper, it's about making people be accountable when they're holding something so dear to you," Turner said.

Turner says he's found a new companion in Atlanta, thanks to a loan from Redstone Federal Credit Union, but will spend more than six months training her.

Friends of Turner have started a GoFundMe page to help pay off the loan he took out to buy the new dog.

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