Several restaurants cited for holding food at too warm of temperatures

Limestone County

El Pollo Maniaco

11980 US Hwy 31 S, Tanner

Score: 68


  • Lack of date marking
  • Eggs 75ºF-88ºF
  • Improper cooling – chicken out on counter
  • Steak 85ºF


Morgan County

Asian Buffet

241 Hwy 31 SW, Hartselle

Score: 86


  • Buffet lettuce 54ºF
  • Buffet ham 47ºF


Colbert County

Singing River Bar and Grill

4900 Hatch Blvd, Sheffield

Score: 77


  • Spray bottle not labeled
  • Two handwashing sinks don’t have hot or cold water
  • No soap at handwashing sink
  • No drying device at handsink
  • Cold holding foods at 49ºF-51ºF


Madison County

The End Zone Bar & Grill

Score: 100