Alabama Firefighters have a new fire application for incident reports

(WHNT News 19 file)

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – Firefighters across Alabama have access to a new app that helps them track fire information all over the state. Alabama has one of the highest fire death rates in the country. The National Center for Health Statistics and the Census Bureau note Alabama has the third highest rate of relative risk of dying in a fire.

Knowing that firefighters in this state are looking for every edge possible to cut down on fire deaths. “One of the objectives of that effort is to collect statewide data and to analyze that data to look for patterns, to look for success stories,” said Chief Gene Necklaus of Scottsboro Fire.

He said the current program is lengthy. It can take firefighters hours to document an incident for the national database. The Alabama Association of Fire Chiefs created a new app making this process easier. “It will tell us where a fire started, if there were smoke alarms, actions that the occupants took, and then where it was,” said Chief Necklaus. “They can also attach any pictures from that scene.”

There’s also an area to document prevention information like smoke alarm installations and fire safety classes. “We can decide where the fires are happening and why the fires are happening. And we can decide what prevention activities are working for us.”

This app is not only great when it comes to figuring out fire statistics for the state, but it helps local fire departments as well. “They’re able to take that and download that information from their own department and be able to make long-range plans and fire prevention efforts that make it better for them and better for everyone.”

So they’re tapping this app, to give them a new edge on the front line of deadly fires. If your department is interested in connecting with the app, you can contact the Scottsboro Fire Department.

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