House District 4 candidate Tom Fredricks looks to unseat Rep. Parker Moore

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - In a special election, Morgan and Limestone county voters elected Parker Moore to the seat once held by Micky Hammon.  Moore and three others still have signs about town hoping to get elected to a full term in November.

His only Republican competition is getting some attention on social media for what he did to signs outside a barbershop.

Tom Fredricks says a 'contrived group of people' gave him some pushback after he posted a video taken outside Classic Barbershop in Priceville. In the video, Fredricks and his supported remove a cover from his own sign and toss it over Moore's.

Fredricks says he, Moore, and Josh, the owner of the barbershop go to the same Masonic lodge.

"We thought it was appropriate for Parker to be able to put his sign up during the special [election]," said Fredricks. "That has come and gone. Now we're back to the regular election cycle and Josh is back on the Fredricks train and that video is kind of a changing of the guard, the skins that were covering my sign, as a courtesy to Parker and his race, came down and when it did we draped it over the sign."

He said it was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, with both signs, uncovered, on display outside the shop.

Fredricks, who also owns Fredricks Outdoor, says he is the leader District 4 needs.

Tom Fredricks' new ad features Rep. Parker Moore's likeness

"The thing that makes me different is the same thing the makes Donald Trump different," he said. "I’m aggressive, I’m straightforward, I’m clear spoken and the folks in Montgomery, in the traditional political system, are just now coming to terms with that."

He also insists he has no animosity toward Moore. But in his newest political ad, however, Rep. Moore's likeness makes an appearance, similar to that of the retro 'Pacman' video game.

"We don't feel [Moore]'s ready to handle the challenges that'll come before him should he be chosen to go to Montgomery," said Fredricks. "We feel like the district will suffer if that happens. We need strong leadership to effect positive change in Montgomery, that's Tom Fredricks."

We reached out to Rep. Moore, who released the following statement:

"My campaign is about real issues, not yard signs. I’m focused on finding real, conservative solutions to the problems facing our state. The legislature has been kicking the can down the road for too long. We need to fix our budget process, fix mental health care, and improve our schools. That’s what I’m focused on."

Moore faces Fredricks in the GOP primary June 5. The victor will face Democrat Juanita Healy and Polan "Pete" Willis in November.

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