Black women running for public office in Alabama featured in major magazine publication

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A major magazine is highlighting black excellence in a major way by showing off 18 of the 70  African American females that have launched electoral campaigns across Alabama in 2018.

The Glamour magazine article titled "It`s Our Time" profiles the candidates and talks about the challenges they face.

Two of the women featured are Huntsville natives, including Jessica Fortune Barker. She's running for a seat at the State Board of Education.

At 33-years-old Jessica Fortune Barker already has a lot to be proud of. She's a mother of four, a wife, and now she`s running for public office. "I just know that it was pertinent at this time for to stand up and use my voice as a black woman to say we need to have our interest heard at state level," Barker explained.

She's a graduate of Huntsville City Schools and said there`s a lot of challenges the state faces. "Diversity and equality in the classrooms. Making sure all of our children receive access to a full curriculum as well as resources in the classroom," Barker said.

Her drive caught the eye of the major magazine publication Glamour. Jessica joined 17 other African American women for a photo shoot highlighting black excellence in Alabama.

"They blocked off the whole street it was like a six-lane highway and there were cops on both sides," Barker said. "They shut down the whole highway and it was like wow all this for us!"

Some may simply call it black girl magic, 18 African American women all who launched electoral campaigns in Alabama.

"Alabama is a melting pot like the rest of the nation is a melting pot. I think in the state of Alabama we have been suppressed and scared to use our voice. To be apart of this progressive movement is amazing to be apart of history. That said there`s so much more to Alabama," Barker explained.

She said for the little girls and boys who see the magazine; She wants them to know they can be just like them. "There`s nothing holding you back," Barker said.

She said the entire photo shoot was simply amazing and getting to meet the veterans in the game was an honor.

She said they all had great advice to give and they formed a sisterhood.

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