Jackson County Sheriff’s Office plans to increase patrols on Memorial Day

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The holiday weekend is in full swing and many are planning to hit the beach or the lake. While water activities can be fun, they can also be dangerous.

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is prepared to keep everyone safe.

"We've got the rivers. We've got the mountains. We've got hiking, fishing, boating, skiing. All those things are going on and there's going to be an increased amount of people doing those kinds of things," said Chief Deputy Rocky Harnen.

The increase of people increases the likelihood of an accident.

"You got to be more careful. If you are driving in a congested area and boating in a congested area, you have got to be more careful. To keep from running into boats, you have to pay attention," said Harnen.

If you're into water sports, he urges you and your family to be sure to follow simple rules: swim in a group, wear life jackets, and stay hydrated. They also encourage you to be responsible with your alcohol intake.

"You got people that'll be involving in alcoholic beverages. Those things do not mix well with boating or outdoor activities."

To prepare for the weekend, extra deputies will be in place around the county.

"Most of the river stuff is left up to the rescue squad, game and fish, and marine patrol."

DUI checkpoints can also be expected with more drivers on the roads.

"We have some grants that we're currently using that target drunk driving, so we have a few extra deputies out on certain times of the year," said Harnen.

While it's important for people to enjoy their Memorial Day, it's also important that everyone remains safe.

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