One last look at the Huntsville City Hall annex

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- On Thursday, Huntsville officials gave a final tour of the soon to be demolished Huntsville City Hall annex.

The city council approved a nearly $700,000 six month contract in April to tear down the building.

The annex housed several departments over the years including planning and zoning, the fire department and the city jail.

Due to its location in downtown Huntsville, the building will be carefully leveled to avoid damage to nearby structures.

General Services Director Ricky Wilkinson says contractors are planning to start demolition work next week.

"The biggest thing is just the building inefficiencies. Of course, struggles with maintenance of the building and really there's no use for it right now. The building is very inefficient. Its been unoccupied for a couple of years now."

Demolition will take place in two stages. Three months will be dedicated to removing the materials inside the building, including asbestos. After that, another three months will go towards demolition of the structure itself.

There are no future plans for the site at this time.