Huntsville airport opens up a runway to the public for the first ‘Runway Run’ 5k in almost 20 years

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Think you can run faster than a plane? Next month, the Huntsville International Airport (HSV) will be opening a runway to the public for a 'Runway Run.' While not side by side, planes will take off on a nearby runway. The last time the airport hosted a run like this was just before 9/11.

Once again it's man versus plane. "It'll be a really cool experience," said Jana Kuner, Public Relations and Customer Service manager at HSV.

On June 23rd, a runway at HSV will belong to the public. "This is the second longest runway in the southeast," explained Kuner.

Setting up the event wasn't a simple task after 9/11 led to heightened security. "It's a big deal to be able to get TSA to work with us and the FAA to work with us to open up the runway," said Kuner.

The race won't 'run' you much especially with a $25 promotion until May 31. "We're not making any money off of this race, the purpose is to let people out on the runway so we did a 50% off for our 50th anniversary," explained Kuner. Starting June 1, the price will go up to $50.

The money covers the cost of some great prizes, like custom medals and t-shirts with top winners receiving gift cards from Fleet Feet and flight vouchers. All leftover proceeds will go to FlyQuest, an aviation education non-profit organization.

There will be water and snacks to keep runners hydrated and fueled. The airport will also have music from a DJ and a prize ceremony.

Participants will get the chance to run alongside all kinds of aircraft. The day of the race, who knows what you're gonna see. Just part of the magic kids can enjoy while getting a closer look at the airport and the joy of flight. "There's a pilot shortage right now and so we need kids to take interest in aviation and to want to fly planes to continue our industry," explained Kuner.

Experienced runners can also look forward to the unique opportunity. "Where can you get a better time than on a flat runway type surface? A lot of people set their personal best, out on the runway," said Kuner.

There is no age restrictions and walkers and runners alike are welcome! Right now there are over 350 people signed up -- but trust us there's definitely room for more! You can find out more information and register here. So lace up; and try to outrun the planes.

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