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Daily downpours more widespread with some tropical influence this weekend

A hand full of thunderstorms ‘popped up’ in the heat of the day Tuesday, and more of the same happens on Wednesday. The chance that any one spot gets rain stands at about 20% for Wednesday, so it’s just a hot, humid day for most of North Alabama while only a few communities get a brief downpour. Expect highs in the upper 80s; the heat index likely tops out between 90ºF and 93ºF during the hottest part of the afternoon.

Your odds of getting wet for the rest of the week are slim: 20% Thursday and 40% Friday. The chance of widely scattered afternoon and evening storms increases again over the weekend as more tropical moisture surges northward with more disturbed weather over the Gulf of Mexico.

Graduation Day! Three more North Alabama schools have graduation ceremonies Wednesday: Buckhorn, Madison County, and New Hope High School! Other than the slim chance of a brief downpour, it’s just looking hot and humid.

Memorial Day Weekend and some tropical trouble: The first big holiday weekend of the summer season is almost here, and so is another ‘disturbance’ in the Gulf of Mexico. The National Hurricane Center places a 50% chance of tropical (or subtropical) cyclone development over the eastern Gulf in the next five days; that could spell a lot of rain for the South Alabama and most of Florida (from the Panhandle to Miami) over Memorial Day Weekend.

So what does this mean for Memorial Day Weekend here at home?

  • Expect more numerous showers and storms
  • Periods of rain, periods of dry weather
  • Highs in the 80s with thick, tropical humidity

What about the weekend on the coast?

  • Widespread rain and thunderstorms are *likely* by Sunday and Monday
  • Rainfall totals may be 2-4″ or higher especially over NW Florida

Spotty storms continue:  One of the ‘perks’ of this time of year (if you can call it a perk) is the daily dose of showers and thunderstorms.  From a forecaster’s perspective, it’s easy for us to say there’s a chance of a scattered storm in the area.  What does that mean to you?  It means we have confidence that even if it doesn’t rain on you it will rain near you.

This soupy, tropical air we have in place isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  There are no cold fronts set to sweep in from the north bringing a few days of perfectly sunny, dry weather.  There’s really no threat of a major storm system congealing all of the spotty storms into one day of widespread, everybody-gets-some kind of rain.

It’s just more of the same for the foreseeable future: hot & humid with a daily chance of a pesky, brief downpour.

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