Shepherd’s Cove Hospice honors deceased veterans with display

ALBERTVILLE, Ala. -- More than 70 memorials dot the lawn at a Marshall County nonprofit. They're small, but the meaning behind them is not.

People who pass by on Martling Road in Albertville are seeing something memorable: a familiar sight that is unfamiliar at Shepherd's Cove Hospice. "It's a special honor to serve the people who've served us," said Foundation Director Annah Grace Morgan

Regimented lines of white crosses topped with an American flag mark the lawn outside the nonprofit agency that serves nine counties. "We served about 75 veterans in the past year," Morgan explained.

Each of the crosses bears a name. "We wanted to do something to memorialize not only those individuals that we served in the past year who were veterans, but also to honor their families," Morgan said.

Jimmy Harris VFW Post 6837 helped make a cross for each deceased veteran served by Shepherd's Cove in the last year. Three crosses commemorate prisoners of war and those missing in action. "We just wanted to remember those veterans who served us that we were able to serve in the past year," Morgan explained.

The crosses will be on display through June 4th.