Hydrangea’s not blooming? This may be the reason.

If you have a Big Leaf Hydrangea or French Hydrangea, and you've noticed that it does not flower every year, we may be able to explain why.

Big Leaf Hydrangea blooms on the previous year's growth. That is to say, they need last year's stem for this year's blooms. If anything causes last year's growth to be gone before this spring, there's a good chance you will not have any flowers this season.

Here are a couple reasons you may not have last year's stems:
1. You may have pruned them. On these types of Hydrangea, it's best not to prune dormant stems in the fall or winter.
2. Mother Nature may have pruned them. When we have late spring frost, the tender stems are often frozen and will die as a result.

Regardless of how the stems were lost, new growth will still come from the ground each spring, but it may not be capable of blooms until the following season. There are a couple varieties of Big Leaf Hydrangea that will bloom on this new growth, like Penny Mac or Endless Summer. So, if you've lost your stems and are missing flowers this season, don't give up hope. They may come back around next year.

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