Rainsville Police Department’s armored truck is ready to roll

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. -- A county-wide effort helped the Rainsville Police Department get a different kind of vehicle on the road.

A large armored truck turns heads sitting in the Rainsville Police Department parking lot. It's slated for different uses. "From active shooters, to rescues in a tornado debris situation where we can go almost anywhere with it," Chief Kevin Smith said.

The armored truck came free from Brink's. "You won't break into this thing. You won't get into it," Smith said.

They transformed it into a mobile command post/response unit. It's equipped with what the officers need to do their jobs, plus medical equipment, and tools for tornado recovery.

Smith says it was a community effort to get it to where it is today. Businesses, organizations, and agencies pitched in to outfit it from Henagar, Sylvania, Fort Payne, and the State of Alabama.

"It's been an effort between all of us to get this thing going, and it's just going to be a blessing for the citizens of Rainsville, and not just Rainsville, but DeKalb County, because anybody who needs it, we're going to go to them," Smith said.

It's unique to the area, and the officers can use it to help neighboring agencies.

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