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Horses from Rocket City Fair are back in their pen after early-morning escape

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Several mini-horses that escaped their pen at the Rocket City Fair are now back where they belong. Six or seven horses escaped their pen just after 5:30 Friday morning.

Carnival employees and Huntsville Police worked together to capture the horses on their equine flight of freedom.

First rule of chasing horses down. Don't call WHNT News 19 overnight legendary reporter Jeff Gray. "Hey. Come here. Come here horse."


We can't imagine why the horses didn't just run over to him.

Second rule. No matter how good a shape you think you are in, the horses can run faster and farther.

Huntsville police officers and Rocket City Fair workers did their best to round up the little horses. But at times it was like catching smoke with a spoon.
The horses were caught, but a turncoat helped herd them back.

"We took our donkey to save them so they are following the donkey and trying to get them," explained Hendriak Swanipoel. Donkeys. You can't trust a donkey apparently.

A few buckets of grain helped round them up as well. Police and fair workers eventually surrounded and herded them back.

"It looks like they are having fun. They are having fun as we get them all corraled back together," said Swanipoel.


This all happened between Leeman Ferry Road and South Memorial Parkway. The Rocket City Fair is positioned on the grounds of the old Joe Davis Stadium.