Madison community comes together to plan procession for fallen airman

MADISON, Ala. - It's been almost two weeks since a military cargo plane crashed on a busy Georgia highway killing all of those on board. The investigation into what caused the crash is still underway.

All nine crew members that died in the crash were members of the Puerto Rican National Guard. Officials say the plane had just completed routine maintenance.

One of the men on that plane was 1st LT. David Albandoz who was living in Madison with his family. Friday his body will arrive back home.

Family and friends are inviting the community to line the streets for a procession as he is transported from the Huntsville International Airport.

Lacey Schamburg never thought she would be standing here talking about this. "No, no never."

"I met Nicky and David when their child was four days old," she recalled. "It's a difficult situation."

It's difficult to imagine how life can change in an instant.

"Especially Nicky and her family and David's family. They're the ones who have really been struggling with it," she said.

Schamburg knew she needed to do something for her family friend. "I got the idea in talking to someone from Puerto Rico because they were doing it down there."

She decided to organize a procession and people were driven to help her cause instantly. "Overnight. Literally, overnight it just blew up."

"Different veterans groups, and JROTC groups, and Redstone Arsenal groups, just neighborhood groups," she said.

"I'm a patriot,"  John Cooper is a Patriot Guard Rider. "We're supposed to be guarding, protecting, and honoring the hero and the family and that's what we do," he said.

And while this might just be all in a day's work, the way the community has come together is anything but ordinary.

"Events like this are super special, especially when nobody is expecting it. When it's just all of the sudden, it just moves all of our hearts. Every one of us," he said.

Life can change in the blink of an eye but in this military town, David's legacy will last forever.

The procession will begin at 4:30 p.m. on Friday. It will begin at the Huntsville International Airport, proceed down Madison Boulevard, turn left on Hughes Road, ending at Legacy Funeral Home.