Daily Downpours: more hit-or-miss, scattered summer-like storms ahead

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North Alabama’s weather stays on repeat for the foreseeable future: warm, humid days with a chance of some scattered showers and storms. Those storms rumbling around Thursday afternoon and evening diminish somewhat overnight; however, they won’t go away completely. We’ll expect some spotty areas of rain through the night into Friday morning.

In fact, Friday’s weather looks a whole lot like Thursday’s: a few occasional showers and locally-heavy thunderstorms scattered here and there around the region. That leaves some dry for many hours on Friday, some dry all day Friday, and some soaking wet with heavy tropical rains. The weekend? More of the same scattered, uneven rainfall looks possible!

How do you plan for this? There are situations in other times of the year (and sometimes in late Spring/early Summer) in which we can easily pinpoint the start time and end time of rainfall. This particular set-up is more chaotic; that means we can see the potential for some rain and storms and see the general area where they are likely. In this summer storm chaos, we cannot pinpoint precisely when and where a single downpour may occur. (Think of it like the chaos of bubbles in boiling water on the stove: you know they’re there, you know they’ll exist, but you can’t pinpoint them).

  • Keep an umbrella handy! You may need it at almost any time.
  • Don’t cancel your plans! Just have a back-up plan in case one of those downpours targets your area.
  • Make sure you’ve got Live Alert 19 loaded on your phone or tablet! When the sky starts to look threatening, you can look at the latest radar, track the storms, and even set it up to give you rain and lightning alerts in addition to the warnings it already provides.

Graduation season: Several graduations take place on Thursday and Friday evenings, and whether you’re at Douglas, Sylvania, Fayetteville, Guntersville or Albertville, you should be prepared for a quick downpour! The scattered storms bring rain very unevenly; it may rain on campus or it could rain just down the street. Be ready with your rain gear just in case!

Weekend outlook: We see more hit-or-miss, scattered, uneven summertime showers and thunderstorms through the weekend; however, they won’t be quite as widespread as they’ve been the past few days. Expect highs in the upper 80s, a heat index in the low-90s, and a daily chance of some mainly afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

Need some specifics about the weekend or next week? They’re always online at WHNT.com/Weather and in the “Daily Forecast” section on Live Alert 19!

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