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STICKY SITUATION: Students tape superintendent to wall for fundraising prize

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - Wednesday was no normal day at Creekside Primary. The K-2 school hosted a number of school officials from the Limestone County Board of Education Central Office.

One of whom was soon to reward the students by briefly giving up his mobility.

"We were able to raise $431, the highest in the county," explained Creekside Primary Principal Matt Scott. "Dr. Sisk, our superintendent agreed whichever school raised the most money could tape him to the wall."

The fundraiser is part of Relay for Life, benefitting the American Cancer Society. Sisk tells WHNT News 19 it's the first time the school board has raised money as a district. The little philanthropists broke their piggy banks to raise the money, and Sisk presented a check to a representative from the ACS.

Then it was time for business. Strip by strip, students carefully laid tape across Sisk's body, while he stood against a large piece of plywood, held up by two school employees.

At one point, we asked Sisk how he felt. "Tied up," he responded.

The school gym was filled with screaming students as they took turns covering Sisk in tape. The last person in line was Mrs. Sisk, who very carefully placed a long strip of tape -- right across her husbands mouth.

Sisk says he looks forward to next year and has a feeling there will be an even stiffer competition now that they've witnessed the prize.