James Clemens high seniors get early acceptance into medical and veterinary school

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MADISON, Ala. – Two James Clemens High School seniors have already secured a spot in medical school and veterinary school and they haven't even graduated high school yet

Both students say they`ve worked hard for this achievement and are excited to start their next chapter in life.

For Caitlin Wesson animals are something she`s cared a lot about since she was a kid. "When I was younger we always had lots of dogs and cats. The vet would always allow me to go back, behind the scenes and go to go into the back."

For her, it only makes sense that she would go to school to become a veterinarian. She`s been working towards it for a long time, by actively getting involved on campus. The hard work has gotten her an early acceptance letter into college.

"I got into Mississippi State`s College of Veterinarian Medicine. So after my undergrad, I have a spot reserved in their college of vet medicine," Wesson explained.

Wesson isn`t the only one celebrating, so is senior Korey Shively. "I just got into early acceptance at the University of South Alabama`s early med program. I will be going down there for the next eight years and then be doing a residency following that."

To get early acceptance, Shivley had to sit down and get his resume together, write an essay, and fill out the application a year ago. He is one out of 16 future doctors that got a spot in the med program early.

"The biggest thing at James Clemens is having the health science internship, having that time to go out into different clinical rotations. Not only did it look good on my resume, but two gave me a general direction of where I wanted to go after my undergrad degree," Shively explained.

He said the ultimate goal is to become a surgeon or work in diagnostic imaging.

Wesson said she plans to return back to Madison once she graduates from vet school.

James Clemens graduation is scheduled for Monday, May 21 at the VBC.

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