Great-grandmother graduates college in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Her story is a testament to perseverance. On Friday evening, 75-year-old Annie Watts walked across a stage at the Von Braun Center to receive a college degree. "I'm just so happy today," Watts said.

Watts is a firm believer in the motto, 'Never too late'.

Annie Watts is ready to get her associate's degree from Drake State.

"I didn't miss a day of college. Not one day. No matter how sick I was," Watts said. After getting her GED, overcoming cancer, and then college Watts says there was no way she was missing graduation day.

"It felt great, like I accomplished something," Watts said.

"I think we've looked forward to this day more than she has," Annie's granddaughter Nyleen Patterson said. With plenty of good luck hugs and kisses from family, it was time for this great-grandmother to take her place in line.

Watts is one of a few hundred Drake State students, future nurses, and trade skill workers. She went back to school to inspire her granddaughters to finish the race.

"There were times I wanted to throw in the towel," Patterson said. "But I talked to her and what she was going through. And it kept me motivated and kept me going and I graduated with honors."

"Just that she's happy. She had a goal and she did it and we're really proud of her," Annie's daughter Patricia Watts-Harris said.

Though she may not be punching a clock any time soon, Watts is proof that a little motivation can go a long way.

Watts says she's not ruling out going back for more classes. She says she'd like to teach kids to read.

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