Jury finds Dewayne Hicks guilty of murder of Jamie Travers

DECATUR, Ala. - A Morgan County jury found Dewayne Hicks guilty for the 2013 fatal shooting of Jamie Travers.

Hicks was indicted for capital murder but during the course of the trial, the charge was bumped down to felony murder.

The trial began Monday and the prosecution and defense delivered their closing statements Wednesday. Less than 24 hours later, the jury returned the guilty verdict.

Hicks, along with Charles Makekau and Ryan Caudle, was arrested for what officials called a botched robbery that ended with Travers dying from a single gunshot wound in his back.

Police say Makekau set up the robbery of 21-year-old Jamie Travers and supplied the co-defendants in the case an access code to bypass Travers' home security system.

Ryan Caudle and Dewayne Hicks are accused of breaking into Travers' home with the intent to rob him. Police believe they shot Travers as he tried to run from the home.

Caudle has since pleaded guilty to murder. Makekau is yet to be tried.