Annual David McKannan Memorial 5K honors local runner’s memory while raising money for ALS research

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- David McKannan was known as an athlete, brother, husband, and father.

"My dad was great," said his daughter, Jennifer McKannan. "He was just one of the most kindest, most caring people you'll ever meet."

Jennifer said when her father was diagnosed with ALS in 2008 and that he handled it the best way he could.

"He really made it his mission to just help raise awareness for it, and to help find a cure, and help families in the area with it," she said.

David was an avid runner at Grissom High School and Auburn University. In his memory, the ALS Association hosts the David McKannan Memorial 5k.

"The cool thing about this run is it's at the old Grissom High School, and the roads that the race is on are exact ones that he would train on in high school," said Jennifer

Jennifer said her dad stayed strong throughout his battle with ALS until he passed away in 2012.

"It's a very cruel disease. I think watching him, not be able to do the things he enjoyed," McKannan said. "From anything as simple as going on a walk or a run, to being able to eat and enjoy the food that you love, or even talk to your loved ones."

The 7th annual David McKannan Memorial Run is Saturday, May, 12. Jennifer said the goal of the run is to raise money for other families going through what her family went through and to hopefully one day find a cure. The 5K begins at 7:00 a.m. The fun run starts at 8:00 a.m.