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Whistlestop BBQ competition heats up in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- For its 18th year, Whistlestop has taken over the historic Huntsville Depot. Over 150 different vendors cooked up chicken, brisket, pork, and ribs.

Whistlestop cook, Lauren Sanford, said her secret is local honey.

"The sauce recipe came from my dad, a long time ago," Sanford said. "From the scouts, so I call it my scout sauce."

The teams compete in a professional, amateur, or people's choice competition. While the teams are cooking to win, they said the best part is the community with the other teams and the food.

"The third year here and we always have a good time and we meet new people. You just make memories you don't ever forget," said cook Alex Leigh.

Over 60 teams entered the professional competition this year. They were judged by certified judges on the barbeque's taste, appearance, and texture.

The festival also features games and live music. The proceeds from the event support the history education initiatives of the EarlyWorks Children's Museum.

Whistlestop weekend wraps up Saturday at 11 p.m.