Morgan County volunteers help two families build their dream homes during Habitat for Humanity’s National Women Build Week

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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - Women around the world are teaming up with Habitat for Humanity to make dreams come true. National Women Build Week is inspiring and uniting women while creating homes in the process.

It takes thousands of nails, wood and paint to put together the perfect home. Morgan County volunteers are building two Habitat for Humanity homes, to kick off the big week.

"It's women helping women. Our homeowners are women. We're getting together as women and we're helping build them houses and we're helping change their lives," said Lauren Barrett, executive director of the Morgan County Habitat for Humanity.

The homes are for families that need a place to call their own. Through an application process, Habitat for Humanity selects those people.

"We won't swing a hammer for them unless they swing a hammer for anyone else," said Barrett.

The new homeowners are required to put 200 hours of community service in towards building a house for someone else. It takes about 12 to 14 weeks to build one of these homes.

As a single mother of two, Stacey Cary said it has been hard making ends meet. Her goal of becoming a homeowner seemed very distant until she got a call from Habitat for Humanity.

"I was jumping up and down, thanking Jesus for everything because, you know, without him this would not be possible," explained Cary.

While she said it's exciting to be able to put up the walls in her very own house, she also enjoyed giving back. Habitat for Humanity said building these homes wouldn't be possible without the help of their sponsors and volunteers.

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