Daughter of missing Moulton woman holds out hope that her mother is alive

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MOULTON, Ala- Jennifer Marshell White was last seen April 8. Her daughter, Allison Cross, said she hasn't heard from her mother in four weeks.

"We have the cell phone tower ping. We have combed that area for 26 days now. And we have not found her or her car," Cross said.

Cross said her mother was having problems at home and was trying to move out.

"You have a 12-hour gap that we don't have a timeline for," Cross said.

Cross and her sister were even more confused when they both received a text from their mother's phone the week of April 7th.

"That she loved us, to take care of her grandbabies. That she was going to be with my dad who passed away four years ago and that she was going to have peace," Cross said.

Cross has spent weeks searching, even finding surveillance video of Jennifer stopping at a gas station, but no one has been able to find any trace of her.

"At this point, I have to believe maybe something else happened," Cross said.

This week, Moulton police posted a message on its Facebook page with a list of facts they say they have regarding the case and stating that police have already interviewed Jennifer's husband, Moulton city councilman Brent White. It also included information about Jennifer's medical and marital history.

"There were lies in the post. My mother's not bipolar, has never been diagnosed bipolar," Cross said.

Cross told WHNT News 19 she doesn't believe the Moulton's Police Department is capable of conducting an impartial investigation into her mother's disappearance because of her marriage with Brent White.

Police Chief Lyndon McWhorter said he took the Facebook post down because he felt some of the information regarding White's medical history was inappropriate. He said there is no conflict of interest that would impact his ability to investigate White's case and that so far, there's no evidence of foul play.

Cross said she won't give up hope of finding Jennifer. If she is alive Cross said she wants her mom to know she loves her.

"I will not let people bash you, and I will stand up for you because I'd expect you'd do the same for me."

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