Huntsville churches unite for National Day of Prayer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Thursday marks the annual National Day of Prayer. Across the country, people are praying for America.

In Huntsville, several prayer events were held across the city, including at the courthouse.

In the spirit of unity, First Baptist Church and First Missionary Baptist Church each held a prayer event and invited their congregations to attendĀ "to be a picture to the community of the unity that we can have in Jesus Christ," explained First Missionary Baptist Church member Tammy Steinberg.

They prayed for the nation.

"We need peace in America. We have never to my knowledge been this fractured in every area of our life, of our government, of our people. I have never seen, at least in my lifetime, such division," First Baptist Church Deacon Dan Belk said.

They prayed for unity in the church, in families, workplaces. "Not only is it right for us to pray, we must pray, and we must do it right away. We don't have time for a lot of talk. Talk time is over unless we're talking to the master," First Missionary Baptist Church Deaconess Lelia Gray said.

They say joining together on National Prayer Day demonstrates how a community can come together and show unity among all ethnicities and people in America.

"It's a great picture of how God, our faith in Jesus Christ just bridges that divide and we can be unified together," Steinberg said.

And they pray their example of unity creates a ripple effect across the state and the nation.

Both churches also took several prayer requests from businesses in Huntsville and said prayers for them as well.

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