Add summer color to your porch with basket flowers

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It's perfect weather for sitting out on a porch or patio, so why not add some seasonal color in pots or baskets to enjoy while you're out there. There are no rules for combining the endless options you get with summer flowers, but here are a few tips.

If you're planting in pots, consider using a tall, bold plant for the centerpiece, like a Red Banana or black elephant ear. Then, surround your bold centerpiece with filler like Calibrachoa or Supertunias. And finally, if you'd like to add a trailing plant to spill over the edge, there are a many options, like Bacopa.

If you are planting in hanging baskets instead of pots, you may opt to skip the tall, bold centerpiece, and instead fill with only mounting or trailing plants.

With either pots or baskets, do take a moment to determine whether these flowers will be in the sun or shade. It's also important to consider the type of soil and size of container. A loose, well-drained potting soil is a must, and a larger container will yield healthier plants with a longer time between waters. Your flowers will need to be fed, so try a slow-release fertilizer mixed in the soil along with a liquid feed used weekly in the water.

Feel free to get creative and try something new with your porch plants this summer, and be sure to sit and enjoy them when you're finished.

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