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Madison County Commision moves to terminate contract with school board over new Monrovia area high school

MADISON COUNTY Ala. -- There will be no new high school in the Monrovia area. After years of back and forth, the Madison County Commission voted to terminate their contract with the Madison County Board of Education today.

"We agreed as a group to terminate that contract, them repay us the money that we have paid, and let them move forward with their capital plan," said District Three Commissioner, Craig Hill.

The board and commission signed a contract in 2013 to build the school, with the commission agreeing to pay a half a million dollars every year, for ten years towards building it.

"In that contract, there were some items there that the school board, at this time didn't feel they were comfortable with funding," said Hill.

The school board said they can no longer afford to build the new high school, as costs have gone up.

"They came to the commission, they wanted to terminate that contract, and today we voted to accept the money that we had paid to the school system back to the commission," Hill said.

As of Tuesday, the commission has paid $2.5 million towards the school.

That money came from the commission's capital improvement fund, money given by the state that is limited on what it can be used for. The money will be refunded in one payment back to that same fund and can be spent in the future on things like public buildings, roads, and bridges.