Inspectors find local restaurants with dirty and damaged equipment, storing food in chemical buckets


1402 Hwy 72 E., Athens


  • Clean ice maker, wire food racks, and can opener
  • Damaged fryer baskets
  • No color indicator paper for bleach test strips
  • Lack of a vacuum breaker on inside hose by back door
  • Cottage cheese stores at 58F, potato salad stored at 56F

Score: 73


Casa Mexicana

2801 Mall Drive, Florence


  • Use of chemical buckets for food storage

Score: 93


Blue's Diner        

3145 Hwy. 237, Phil Campbell


  • Can opener blade was dirty, manager corrected

Score: 89


Clean Plate Recommendation:

Momma Goldberg's

1500 Woodward Avenue,Muscle Shoals

Score: 98