Madison County Schools funds capital plan without proposed Monrovia High School

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - The Madison County School Board of Education has funded a capital plan that does not include Monrovia High School. It's a final step in a process that's been drawn out over the last few years.

Superintendent Matt Massey says this is not the last nail in the coffin for Monrovia High School. However, he admits there are many needs the school system will address before building a new school. The board previously approved a capital plan without the new high school in November. That plan allocated Brac funds towards school improvements instead of a proposed Monrovia High School.

Massey tells WHNT funds will go to much-needed deferred maintenance in several Madison County Schools. The superintendent said that while it may break the contract previously agreed upon with the Madison County Commission, it is the best thing for students in Madison County.

"There were so many different factors of what was going to make it possible to build that high school. We knew it was inevitable. We knew we were going to have to move away from it. We really want to go and talk to the commission as we move forward. It's been a tough situation. It's been really tough on the board members because they take the work seriously and want to honor those commitments," says Massey,  "But there's a point where are you going to fulfill a contract that you know is bad for your school district? or impossible to fulfill? Or when do you do what's right for students?"

Commissioner Roger Jones tells WHNT he intends to propose a motion allowing Madison County to spend the money for maintenance instead of a new school. Massey says the district isn't currently experiencing dramatic growth. He said if that changes a new high school could enter discussions again.

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