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North Alabama Democrats hold series of town halls to allow voters to meet candidates

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. -- As election season draws near, you've likely already started seeing more political ads and commentary. Many offices, from municipal to state, are on the ballot in the upcoming Alabama primary and November's general election. North Alabama Democrats want to put you in front of those wanting to turn more of the state blue.

The Democratic party in the fifth congressional district wants you to meet and greet their many candidates.

"We believe it's the job of the party to get candidates in front of the voters and the voters need the opportunity to ask the questions of those who represent them," says Greg Poss, 5th district Democrats campaign coordinator

They host a series of townhall meetings every other week, encouraging voters to ask the tough and relevant questions.

They say, it's time for more Democrats in office and their town halls are open to people of all political affiliations. "We are coming off the win of Doug Jones, which got a lot of enthusiasm here."

"The people in Alabama, especially, have been brainwashed to believe that Democrats are evil. Whether your republican democrat or independent we want you to be part of this because the issues coming out are everyone's issues they're not male or female or black or white, they're American issues, Alabama's issues," says Poss.

They welcome all attendees, and your questions, from everyone, not just Democrats. Their goal, Poss says, is change. "Alabama cannot continue on the same path it's on, there are so many things going on this state as far as out corruption, it's just crippling the state."

The Alabama fifth Congressional District Democrats have a facebook group just for the town halls and even stream them online so all voters can be a part of them.

The fifth district Democrats intend to have a town hall every other week, until the general election in November.

The next town hall is Tuesday night at seven in Florence, at the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 320, on Hicks Boulevard. You can see a list of the other town halls on their event page.

You can pose questions to featured candidates, who are running for roles from coroner to school board to senate.