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Madison County pastor upset about Governor Kay Ivey political ad

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A campaign commercial for Governor Kay Ivey has some people upset. In it the Governor praises the fact she signed a law to protect confederate monuments.

It's something that doesn't sit well with Pastor Keith Ellison. Ellison said people will watch her ad and draw conclusions, like "our governor doesn't care about us".

"I think it sends the message of the old Dixie. I think it sends the message to all the white supremacist, to all the neo-nazis. I think it sends a message to them that's it is okay to continue to thrive on that concept of ideology," Ellison said.

"I have white blood, Irish blood, African-American blood, Cherokee blood. I have also fought for this country in a war. I'm not saying we should lollygag with this, but Governor Ivey has really disturbed me by that particular commercial to continue to defend something that we all know is evil," Ellison explained.

Last week, the local chapter of the NAACP called on Governor Ivey to pull that ad off the air.  When asked then by WHNT News 19, the governor's office did not directly answer their request.

Pastor Ellison said he knows people of all races are upset by the ad. He said the ad will continue to spark a divide in the state.