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Local groups call for Confederate Memorial Day to change

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —Faith in Action Alabama (FIAA) and Tennessee Valley Progressive Alliance(TVPA) held a news conference today at the Department of Human Resources.

The speakers included local faith leaders and racial justice activists calling on the governor and state legislators to cease closing state government offices on Confederate Memorial Day.

The groups believe our state government should serve as an agent of healing and unity. In honor and respect of their African-American community, they pray that Alabama will rethink the holiday.

"We are not trying to end or stop any recognition for anyone`s loved ones. What we are saying is there's a proper context. Confederate Memorial Day disarms and continuously breathes the injustice of slavery, injustice of institutionalized slavery, and systemic slavery," Pastor Keith Ellison said.

State offices in Alabama and Mississippi were closed Monday due to it being Confederate Memorial Day.

The groups are hoping by speaking up the state will make the necessary changes.