Operation Kidsafe offers parents important tools in case their child goes missing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.- Losing your child in a crowded place is a terrifying thought. On Saturday, as part of Operation Kidsafe, staff at Smith Infiniti hosted a free child safety program to help keep that from happening.

Kids lined up for a picture and then had their fingerprints scanned. Their parents were then given a printout that they can give to police in an emergency.

"In the grocery store, at a car lot, anywhere, somebody can snatch your child," Tiffini Pitz said. "All you usually have is a picture, you never have a fingerprint."

"Hopefully, this can save someone's life or rescue someone's child in a matter of hours instead of days," Smith Infiniti General Manager Justin Smith said.

The information isn't saved in a database. Parents can call 911 and tell them they have a Kidsafe document if their child is lost or kidnapped.

You can find out more about Operation Kidsafe at their official website.