This on-the-go dip clip will save you from sticky situations in your car

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We've probably all eaten a meal in the car before. While you never want to eat while driving, there's nothing wrong with a passenger chowing down or a quick family meal in the rec field parking lot.

And of course, sticky situations do happen.

The Saucemoto is the in-car dip clip that claims to change the way you sauce on the go-- reuniting flavor with food for those who appreciate in-car dining.

The universal mount can attach to any air-vent, and the dip clip design can fit almost any size or shape of sauce.

You just clip it, sauce it, and dunk it.

We tested the Saucemoto while parked, because you want to practice safe saucing. Even though we were parked and stationary, it was still really nifty to have a secure sauce holder.

So if you ever find yourself asking, 'to dip or not to dip?' we say dip away-- and practice safe saucing with the Saucemoto!

Deal or Dud verdict: Deal, $6

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