Stranger makes dream come true for family in need of a wheelchair accessible van

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - This emotional story has touched the hearts of many in the Tennessee Valley. A grandmother in need of equipment to care for her granddaughter Angel.

Angel lives with her grandmother, Alberta Garner. Garner said that while it's a blessing the two-pound baby has grown, Angel is getting harder to carry. So they reached out to us, hoping to find help in getting a wheelchair accessible van.

"There's plenty of places we can go, and we wouldn't have to be sitting here watching soap operas if I didn't have to be lifting the chair in and out of the car," explained Alberta Garner.

Angel has cerebral palsy, grand mal seizures, as well as profound deafness.

After Angel's story aired, we got a very special call. One that will forever change the lives of Angel and her family. On Tuesday, I got to meet the person on the other end of that phone call, and be there when she and Angel met for the first time.

It was a series of unlikely circumstances that brought Norma Watson into Angel's life. "It's very unusual for me to stay out of church on Sunday night."

But she wasn't at church Sunday, she was home, and a WHNT newscast just happened to be on. "I was writing in a journal," she recalled. "And just about the time I looked up, they had little Angel's picture. They needed a van, and I had one that I had been trying to sell."

She gave her motorized wheelchair, van, and lift to Angel's family.

"I can't even think I'm so happy. Yay!" said Angel's mother, Nikita.

Over 50 miles separated them. They met as strangers, but now say they're family.

"Can you tell everybody thank you," said Nikita. "Tell everybody thank you Angel."

Norma says she's doing this in memory of her husband, Walter Watson, a World War II veteran who died January. The last four years of his life he was unable to walk.

"This van was a blessing to us, and I want to do it in honor of him because I know that's what he'd want me to do," said Norma. "It is a blessing for me to be able to do this for her."

Now Angel can see more than just her doctor's office, now she can even take her first trip to the grocery store. "Say I can go to the park, I can go feed the duckies, I can go to the aquarium, I can go everywhere I need to go now."

Nikita says Norma is the angel, that her Angel has been praying for.

In the coming months, volunteers will be building a wheelchair ramp from their house for easier access. The family says they will use the money they raised in the GoFundMe to make necessary repairs in the van.

If anything is left over they will use it to take Angel to the aquarium for the first time.

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