Local World War II veteran celebrates 95th birthday with his daily workout

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- “It just means I tried. I did what they told me to—that’s the reason I’m here." That’s what being a Marine veteran means to 95-year-old Terry O'Reilly. “I lost all of my buddies, all of them have died so far that I know of. So, I’m the only one left.”

Tuesday, April 17, is his 95th birthday, and instead of taking the day off he’s at the Huntsville Hospital Wellness Center in Jones Valley where he works out frequently.

“It really is an honor to work with you, because of the sacrifices you made for our country," Terry's trainer, Will Rivard, told him.

Terry and Will focus on exercises that will assist him in daily activities, like keeping him strong while standing, sitting, pushing and pulling, and they’re still working on his posture—but Will says Terry has a pretty good excuse for his poor posture.

Terry and his wife have been married for 67 years.

"He said, 'she’s a foot shorter than me so when I have to bend down to kiss her that causes me to lean forward,'" Will explained. "But we'll let that slide for now."

Terry also credits his wife for giving him the encouragement to remain so active at his age.

So, what does Terry credit as the secret to a long and happy life?

“I don’t drink, don’t smoke, exercise, play golf," he said.

Sounds simple enough! Happy birthday, Terry! And thank you for your service.