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Family members remember loved one killed in crash involving 18-wheeler

MADISON COUNTY – One person is dead following a crash involving an 18-wheeler in Madison County late Monday night.

Danny Dudley grew up in the Owens Cross Roads area with his eight siblings. "We all just loved everybody around here," his brother Randy Dudley said.

His sudden death has rocked this tight-knit family. "We are all taking it very hard. We are very close," Randy Dudley said.

Randy found out about his brother's death Tuesday morning. He said Danny was driving to meet his wife. The trip was only about a mile long. "She is real sick and he was bringing her some oxygen," he explained.

Owens Cross Roads Police Brett Chief Henderson said the driver of the 18-wheeler had his hazard lights on, but with the way it was positioned on the road, Danny Dudley may not have seen it.

Chief Henderson said the driver was leaving a private property entering the highway when he realized he couldn't make the turn.

"When he was backing up he noticed there were headlights approaching him from the north. Then he put the vehicle back in drive and tried to drive it through the median to clear the lanes of travel so the vehicle that was approaching wouldn't hit his trailer, but was unsuccessful," Chief Henderson explained.

Chief Henderson said there is a street light near where the fatal wreck took place, but it may not have provided enough light.

Dudley's family said they'll miss their loving, kind, and hardworking loved one.

Chief Henderson said they are currently still investigating. He says they expect to have the toxicology report back in about 4 months.