VBC will now use metal detectors for all Propst Arena events

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The Propst Arena at the Von Braun Center is taking after similar venues in bigger cities by implementing a new strategy to keep you safe. Starting this weekend, April 20th, 12 brand new metal detectors will be used for every single event held at the Propst Arena.

But it's not just the VBC that wants to keep guests and employees safe. This level of security is becoming an industry standard.

"Live Nation, which is the world's largest promoter of live events, has mandated that they will not come to your facility unless metal detectors are in place to screen the general population and employees," said Ron Grimes, Director of VBC Public Safety.

You'll drop your cell phone, keys, and bag into a screening bin to be passed around while you pass through the metal detector. If the detector senses anything, you'll then be subject to a wand detector search. The VBC is now also limiting bag and purse size to 14 by 16 inches. But if you don't have a bag or any miscellaneous items, there will be a "fast pass" lane for you to pass through the detector more quickly.

VBC security anticipates that, at first, about 500 people will be screened through each metal detector per hour. When security gets used to the process, it will likely be closer to 750 people per hour. Doors will now open 90 minutes prior to an event's starting time.

"We ask the public just to bear with us because it is a new concept in the arena for the Huntsville market," Grimes said. "Be patient with us as we work through all of the details and issues and things like that, but as we progress, we'll become faster and faster."

The metal detectors will only be used for arena events for now, but will soon be implemented for concert hall events, as well. You can find a list of all banned items by clicking here.