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Storm cleanup costly, tiring for Decatur homeowners

DECATUR, Ala.-- City leaders in Decatur finished inspecting more homes and businesses damaged in this month's storm.

Unfortunately, there's no state or federal money to help with repairs and rebuilding.  But at least a few people haven't given up trying to help.

"So, I came back to a surprise," George Wallace said.

A surprise is putting it mildly. The April storm in Decatur brought down two large oaks, one on Wallace's Ford, the other on his Dodge pickup.

"There's nothing you can really do about it," Wallace said. "Just go with the program."

And lately, the program for Wallace is to get off work, fire up his chainsaw and chip away at that large oak in the yard, imploring any eager neighbors to help themselves to fire wood.

"There's plenty more, too," Wallace said with a laugh.

Wallace says he can laugh because he was one of the lucky ones. The trees missed his house. But many neighbors on the northwest side are now being told their homes are unfixable.

"It takes a toll on you after so long," Wallace said.

One example is on 4th Avenue where one tree, brought down two houses, both are now condemned. But experts say the damage in Decatur just wasn't severe enough to qualify for FEMA or state dollars to help out. And that's a bitter pill to swallow for guys like Wallace who say now that volunteers are in short supply, they're on the hook for cleaning it up themselves.

"What I've seen is they've shown a tremendous amount of resolve and grit," Lowe's service manager Curtis Taylor said.

Lowe's in Decatur is now taking up a collection of sorts, asking shoppers to give cleaning products, clothes, food, anything to help out neighbors.

"Just to try to make it a better experience for them to save some money. Because at a time like this, all the money they have, they need it," Taylor said.

Because for the time being, guys like Wallace need all the help they can get.

Taylor tells us Lowes in Decatur is giving $1,500 to buy supplies to give to neighbors in need. You can donate to the effort at the store until May 5th.