Alabama-built missiles debut in launch on Syria

TROY, Ala. —  Military strategists are still evaluating the effects of Friday night’s missile strike on the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The attack targeted a hub for a chemical weapons program, and some of those missiles were built right here in Alabama.

According to the Pentagon, a total of 105 missiles were fired from ships and aircraft from three different directions in the Friday night missile strike. Our news partners at have learned this strike debuted a Lockheed Martin air-launched cruise missile that was produced as part of a 4.6 billion dollar defense program. Nineteen of these missiles were built at a Lockheed Martin plant in Troy, Ala.

Those 19 missiles are called “Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missiles (JASSMs).” They have a low radar cross-section that makes it difficult to detect and they can travel as far as 200 miles into enemy territory. An extended version of this missile, used in Friday night’s strike, can fly more than 500 miles. This missile was designed to strike with a 1,000-pound penetrating warhead.

U.S. military leaders said that all of the launched missiles hit their targets within a couple of minutes at most, and that all of the involved warplanes returned safely to base.