Storms cause damage at Little Mountain Marina in Marshall County

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MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -  Strong winds and heavy rain caused damage at Little Mountain Marina in Marshall County Saturday.

"We had damage at the clubhouse, the game room we have several trees down," said security officer Tommy Jarell.

Jarell said his priority was to alert guests and staff as soon as he noticed the storm picking up.

"They said that there was lightning strikes four miles away," said Quinton Webster, who was working maintenance. He said he quickly headed to the clubhouse to get residents out of the pool.Before he could make it out of his truck, he said wind hit the roof of the clubhouse hard.

"The tin had come off and hit the top of the truck as soon as I was getting out. When I ran in, there was two ladies holding the door and debris was flying everywhere," said Webster.

Although the storm was fierce, Webster remained calm.

"I tried to help as many people as I could. See if anyone was hurt."

He said his only concern was the safety of the guests.

"There was a kid that was on a bicycle as soon as I pulled up. He had a very close call getting hit, but luckily he made it inside."

Luckily, everything damaged at the Marina is replaceable.

"Clean up and repair. That's about all that we can do," said Jarell.

Camp officials said they will assess property damage on Sunday after the storm rolls out.

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