Saturday rain doesn’t dampen prom night for Bob Jones High School students

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--This weekend's rain resulted in the cancellation of several events around north Alabama. However, hundreds of kids at Bob Jones High School who already made plans for prom were relieved when school leaders said the big event would go on as planned.

"When you start trying to plan for this time of year, most of the weekends are already full," Sandy Bolton said. Bolton's daughter was attending her senior prom.

"We'd originally planned to go to Big Spring Park. You can't do that when it's pouring down rain," Bob Jones senior Madison Thomas said.

So, juniors and seniors from Bob Jones were all dressed up, with fewer places to go.

"Everybody rented tuxes. We paid a lot of money to rent out the Westin," Bob Jones senior Isaiah Battle said.

"A lot of my friends, their dates were flying in from California and flying in from Florida," explained Bob Jones junior Kafui Sakyi-Addo.

They were relieved when school leaders announced earlier this week they were keeping the reservation and that prom would go on.

The afternoon shuffle for many kids became getting ready, dodging puddles and going somewhere dry for a nice picture.

"It's not a typical prom date," Bob Jones senior Zac Moss said.

But the few hundred kids who've waited months for this night aren't looking for typical, they want memorable.

"Trying to enjoy a fun night with my friends and not being stressed out by everything and not letting the rain get to us," Thomas said.

"I want to just take in this whole night. I want it to go slow. Because, when you're having a good time, everything goes by so fast," Battle said.

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