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Shady ground cover options that will bring a pop of color to your landscape

If you have shade in your garden, it can be tough to find ground cover that offers a pop of color, especially in a perennial that will come back each year. Here are a few choices that can work in the shade and bring you the ground cover you need and the color you want.

Laumium, also called Dead Nettle, has a pink flower, but sometimes blooms white with a silver variegated leaf.

Ajuga is a common ground cover that also does great in the shade. It blooms a blue flower; some varieties have a bronze leaf, some have variegated leaves.

Aegopodium, sometimes called Snow on the Mountain, is a fast-spreading ground cover that is known for its variegated foliage.

Not all shade ground covers are spreading. Some work well when planted in groups, like Hostas, Ferns, Brunnera, or Lungwort. Do note that while these plants may be shade tolerant, they won't grow in just any environment; they will be in constant battle with the trees producing the shade. So make sure there's plenty of good, loose organic soil so both the trees and the ground cover can thrive.

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