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Harris Home in Huntsville needs volunteers for renovation project on Saturday

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - An organization dedicated to providing a safe environment for foster children is doing something new for their kids' dorms.

Harris Home for Children has served many in the community for the past 64 years. "We work with teenagers, 12 to 18, who in the care of DHR. Not from anything they've done but more of the home environment has been determined by the court not to be suitable for the children," said Jason Quick, executive director.

The goal is to raise these kids in a normalized teenage environment as best as they can.

With the facility being over 60 years old, they thought it was long overdue for an upgrade. "We want to make sure that their environment is exactly what we would want for our own children," said Quick.

Harris Home is hosting "Brighter Days Ahead", a painting project that started in the boy's dormitory. "We're making sure that we're adding the bright colors, adding more of a homey feel to our dorm. If they can't be home, we want them to feel like this is the best place to be."

Several volunteers started working on Friday and will continue to paint on Saturday.

Many in the community are contributing resources, as well as their time. "Pittsburg Paints and their executives, they've donated all the paint and all of the resources and materials that we need in order to complete the project," said Quick.

Harris home says these teens deserve a place that they can call their own and be proud of. "Also trying to reestablish hope with them. Make sure they understand that life is still ahead of them. Let them know that life is still beginning."

Anyone who is willing to help paint during "Brighter Days Ahead" is more than welcome to Harris Home on Saturday.

Painting is just the first phase of the renovation project. Harris Home hopes to work on flooring and furniture in the dorms next.