A growing Huntsville company achieves success one award at a time

HUNTSVILLE, Ala -- NASA has big plans for it almost ready-to-fly Space Launch System. Major contractors like Boeing will be in the middle of the expected success, and so will other companies, like Huntsville's nLogic, which supports Boeing's efforts.

Boeing, in fact, honored nLogic as one of its top suppliers. Tim Thornton, the employee owned company's founder, CEO and President, accepted the award in Portland, Oregon.

"It's not uncommon for me to go on location and run into an employee and I had no idea that's where they worked," said Thornton when we first interviewed him in 2016. He was talking about the company just two years ago when there were 250 employees.  Now there are 350 employees working with contractors like Boeing for agencies like NASA or various defense agencies and commands. Those workers at sites in multiple states at various agencies.

nLogic provides vital technical services wherever it's involved. As the honor bestowed by Boeing for the tenth straight year demonstrates, nLogic is a success. It's a company with a packed trophy case for the work it has accomplished and its working conditions.

"Our goal is to a be a 1,000 employees someday. And you know we are on track to be a 50-million dollar company," said Thornton.

nLogic already appears to be a company that helps America keep it's edge in technology. nLogic workers know that's true to their company. Boeing reminded them.