Huntsville City Schools Board President releases statement before superintendent interviews with another district

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Elisa Ferrell, Board President of Huntsville City Schools, is sharing her statement following an announcement from Gulf Shores City Schools that Matt Akin will interview for their open superintendent job.

Akin has been superintendent of Huntsville City Schools since March 2017. He was chosen from a pool of 45 applicants, and came to lead the Tennessee Valley's largest school system from Piedmont City Schools.

Elisa Ferrell represents District 3 on the Huntsville Board of Education. She is also the current Board President. (Photo:

Gulf Shores City Schools recently separated from Baldwin County Schools and is looking for a leader to begin the school system next fall.

Ferrell said she is appreciative that Akin talked to his current board before attempting to interview for a job with a new one.

She stated that no matter what happens, the board will be working for positive change in Huntsville City Schools.

You can read her full statement below:

"Dr. Akin called each board member yesterday to tell them he was interviewing with Gulf Shores.   I appreciate him letting us all know directly, before Gulf Shores did their press release.    Gulf Shores City Schools will be a new school system in Alabama.  They are currently part of Baldwin County Schools, and want to create their own system.   From what I understand they want to be up and running in the fall of 2018.   Their job posting stated they wanted someone in place by June 1, seven weeks from now.   Dr. Akin is highly qualified, and I am not surprised Gulf Shores reached out to him and asked him to apply.    I wish both Gulf Shores City Schools and Dr. Akin well, and hope for the best outcome for all.

Here in Huntsville we will see what comes of the interview process. If Dr. Akin is hired by Gulf Shores, we will make sure we take care of pending items, like teacher raises, principal hires and contract renewals before he leaves.  Simultaneously we will be preparing for our next chapter.   If Dr. Akin or Gulf Shores City Schools make other choices, then we will continue to work together for the children of our city.    They say the one thing that is constant is change, and I don't think anyone knows that better than Huntsville City Schools.   The board will make sure any changes will be positive ones, with the best interests of students at the forefront.   We are committed to the success and well-being of Huntsville City Schools, its students, its staff and its families."

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