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Google donates $100,000 to Jackson County schools for STEM education

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The construction on Google's Data Center in Bridgeport started on Monday. Officials broke ground on the new facility, but they also gifted the community with something more than just their presence.

Google gave $100,000 to Jackson County schools to help with STEM education, which they say is major for almost all of their classrooms. "Each class hopefully is looking toward how we can grow in the STEM area because we know the future of our students is going to greatly depend on how proficient they are in STEM," said Anthony Buckner of Jackson County Schools.

The central office says STEM education helps their students become competitive across the board, when it comes down to going toe to toe with other students for opportunities. "We want our students academically, socially, emotionally ready to meet those challenges. Not be behind because of growing up in a rural situation," said Buckner.

While school officials say Google is great for the community, it will also continue to benefit the students in surrounding areas. "Oh, we hope to have a very active partnership with Google."

They hope to prepare those students to be future Google employees.